Aap Ke Aa Jane Se
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Start Date: 15 January, 2018
End Date: Ongoing
Total Episodes103
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastGeeta Tyangi, Rudrakshi Gupta, Shaily Priya, Resha Konkar, Sailesh Gulabani. Nidhi Mathur, Karan Mehat
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Plot Summary

This is a story of Sahil and Vedika. Sahil is a young man who falls in love with a woman named Vedika who is older than him. Vedika has a 15-year old child and she strongly criticises his attachment to her due to societal pressure. What would be the outcome of Sahil’s feelings for Vedika? Will she approve his love for her or neglect him completely?

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Peak Active Viewers201000
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BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 70/100
The love chemistry between the lead actors is very interestingly portrayed in the serial. Also, the strong character of a woman, who takes care of her family members teaches a lesson to every woman. And how well she maintains her self-respect and dignity in the society despite being a widow is a great source of inspiration for all the women. The story of the show is really interesting and able to maintain the interest fo the audience in it.

More About Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

The story of the show "Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se" is set in Kanpur but its shooting is done at Mira Road, Mumbai. It takes about Rs. 7-8 lakhs rupees for each episode to get ready completely.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Suhasi Dhami has made her comeback to the serials after a gap of 3 years.
  • Because the show has an adult appeal so its timings are set on a late night slot.

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