Aapke Aa Jane Se
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Start Date: 15 January, 2018
End Date: Ongoing
Total Episodes103+
Genre, ,
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Supporting CastGeeta Tyagi , Mohit Dagga , Resha Konkar, Sailesh Gulabani
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Plot Summary

This serial features a unique love story. On one side there is a 42-year-old middle-class single mother, who belongs to a conservative family. On another hand, there is a 24-year-old handsome and spoilt brat, who comes from a super-rich business family. Now, what happens when these 2 individuals fall in love? Will their love be sufficient to bring them together?

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BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 65/100
This serial gives you something different to watch as compared to regular soap serials. But still, it fails to gather enough attention. One of the reasons can be that it shows love between 42-year-old and 24-year-old. And Suhasi no where looks even close to that age. Also, this story might not go well with the older generation. And if this serial is catered towards 20-40 years age group, then there is too much plotting and cunningness shown, which is not acceptable to today's younger generation. Hence, even when the acting is good, the storyline is rather weak. And the actors chosen look way younger than they are portrayed.

More About Aapke Aa Jane Se

The serial picks up a unique story as compared to other family soaps. It shows how 2 people fall in love without bothering about their age gap. But this gap does not go well with the society and proves hindrance between the couple. Now how Vedika and Sahil convince their families, form the rest of the plot.

Issues Raised: Breaking stereotype of same age group love.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Before this serial, 'Kuch Toh Log Kahenge' also showed the same story of love between 2 people having a huge age gap.
  • Suhasi is actually 29 years old and Karan Jotwani is 27 years old when they started this show.

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