Baal Veer
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Start Date: 8 October, 2012
End Date: 4 November, 2016
Total Episodes1111
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastShridhar Watsar, Manisha Thakkar, Sharmilee Raj, Shama Sikander
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Plot Summary

This serial revolves around a young boy, who gets blessed with 7 fairies. He now possesses some supernatural powers that take him to fairy kingdom. It shows the eternal war between good vs evil when one of the pari is made Rani Pari. Bhayankar Pari along with her assistant rage war against Rani Pari. How will Baal Veer now handle this matter?

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BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 82/100
This is a very good kids-oriented show. Along with Magic, they are also taught about good and evil. The reality and fantasy are beautifully blended in this serial of Sab TV. The Fairyland shown is so pretty that it automatically increases the interest of children. This serial is totally a bedtime story turned true.

More About Baal Veer

In the fairy-lok, there are a large number of fairies. Out of those, Bahuroopi Pari is made the Rani Pari. But this does not go well with Bhayankar Pari. And she becomes evil. Now the rest of the serial focuses on how Baalveer protects the fairy-lok and the fairies from the evil Pari. And also protect children of the earth from all the evils. The show focuses on the good vs evil elements. A unique thing about this show is that even Fairies are not perfect. Each of them has some or the other flaw, and together they become unbeatable.

Karishma's exit is shown when she is frozen by Bhayankar Pari. Shruti became the new Rani Pari.
Shruti's exit is shown when Chhal Pari attacks Fairyland and makes her a butterfly.

Karishma Tanna, who played Rani Pari, left the show since she wanted to focus more on movies at hand.
Following her suit, Shama Sikander, who played Bhayankar Pari, also left the show to find better opportunities.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • This show is also dubbed in Tamil, and it is being aired on Chutti TV.
  • Kurt Angle from WWE was once seen in the show fighting Baal Veer. He appeared on the show to promote TNA Wrestling.
  • 3 actresses played Rani Pari in the show: Karishma Tanna, then Shruti Seth, and finally Sudeepa Singh
  • 3 actresses played Bhayankar Pari in the show: Shama Sikander, then Shweta Tiwari, and finally Shweta Kawatra
  • The 3rd good and evil fairies, Sudeepaa Singh and Shweta Kawatra are best friends in real life.
  • Before this magic show, Shruti Seth was seen in another popular Magic show Shararat.
  • SAB TV in association with Toy Kraft also launched Baal Veer board game to increase its popularity among kids.

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