Belan Wali Bahu
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Start Date: 15 January, 2018
End Date: Ongoing
Total Episodes110+
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastSudhir Pandey,Mushtaq Khan,Bhavana Balsavar,Sikandar Kharbanda,Sunayana Fozdar,Parijat Atreja,Shraddha Jaiswal
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Plot Summary

This is a comedy serial. Amarnath’s wife dies after few years of marriage. He marries again with his wife’s sister Roopa Awasthi who is just 18 years old. Roopa does everything to take care of her in law and husband but she fails every time. One day, on the demand of her husband she made Parathe. After eating paratha Amarnath complains her to put less salt in it. Roopa angrily picks up a belan and hits it on the shelf. Mistakenly it injures the head of her husband and he dies. Later, his ghost comes to take revenge with Roopa and decide to be with her until she gets arrested. Now, the real drama starts from here. How Amarnath’s ghost will take revenge on his wife?

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Peak Active Viewers110000
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Average TRP1.4

BOTY Critic Review

Piyush Chugh
Rated 82/100
This show has given a new direction to old saas-bahu concept. The bahu has different issues and is different from other shows. It is funny and exciting serial to watch. Also, the story and concept are very exciting. A good family show which all family members and all age groups of persons can watch together.

More About Belan Wali Bahu

Belan Wali Bahu portrays the character of housewives and the challenges they face in their daily routines. The subject of the serial is very interesting and attracts almost every family to watch the serial. It also shows how the housewives are undermined by their in-laws and their husbands. The mixture of comic events and emotional scenes makes it all the more interesting. Also, the dialogues of the soap are easy to understand for a normal person. Belan Wali bahu is doing really well since its beginning and would become more popular in future.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Film actor, Mushtaq Khan is working in this serial.
  • Many senior TV and Film actors are the part of this show.

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