Captain Vyom
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Start Date: 4 January, 1998
End Date: 6 March, 1999
Total Episodes54
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastAarav Chowdhary, Divya Palat, Sanjeev Vatsa, Vinod Pandit, Shahzaad Saeed
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Plot Summary

Captain Vyom narrates the story of a super soldier, Vyom. Vyom is a super soldier who is assigned to fight against 12 evil powers. During his mission, he bumps into his look-alike after which the show becomes way more interesting.

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BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 73/100
If you like to watch sci-fi series, Captain Vyom is one of that kind. Also, it's India's first sci-fi series in which a lot of technologies have been used. The children love to watch this superhero series.

More About Captain Vyom

In the year 1998-99, Captain Vyom was the most loved series by the children. This serial revolves around the super soldier, Vyom who is the savior. Apart from being a sci-fi series, many exceptional effects are used in this serial which makes it visually beautiful. The main lead, Milind Soman is one of the major reasons to watch this serial. He is one of the most famous models of the fashion industry.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Captain Vyom was India's first ever sci-fi Tv series.
  • Famous model & actor, Milind Soman portrays the role of Captain Vyom.

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