Chandra Nandini
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Start Date: 10 October, 2016
End Date: 10 November, 2017
Total Episodes286
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastMnoj Kolhatkar, Tanu Khan, Arpit Ranka, Mansi Sinha, Papiya Sengupta, Prema Sharma
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Plot Summary

It narrates the eternal love story of Chandragupta Maurya & Maharani Nandini. Apart from this, it discusses all the important events of Chandragupta Maurya. Maurya was the great warrior & ruler who founded the Mauryan empire.

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Peak Active Viewers700000
Popularity Index4.5
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BOTY Critic Review

Garima Singh
Rated 77/100
If you love to watch epic historical series, Chandra Nandini is one of that kind. Along with the great & inspirational storyline, the characters have done a great job. The audience could connect to almost every character. This serial also gives knowledge about our history. Overall, it's a nice series to watch.

More About Chandra Nandini

There are many historical series on television. Chandra Nandini is one of the most loved serials. It revolves around the story of the founder of Mauryan Empire, Chandragupta Maurya. Along with his achievements & other important events, it essays his eternal love story with Princess Nandini. There come numerous hurdles in their love story. Since it's a historical series, the plot is excellent. Along with this, the characters especially the chemistry between the lead characters is amazing.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • This serial is based on the life of Chandragupta Maurya.
  • It was further dubbed in the Tamil language.
  • Apart from India, it is telecasted in Sri Lanka with a different name.

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