Ek Nayi Chhoti Si Zindagi
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Start Date: 4 April, 2011
End Date: 16 December, 2011
Total Episodes188
Lead Cast, ,
Supporting CastPavan Malhotra, Bharti Patil, Sushmita Mukherjee, Sachal Tyagi, Jay Thakkar, Jayesh Kardak
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Plot Summary

This is a story of two sisters who were abandoned at a young age by their father and sent to an orphanage. The show throws light on the problems faced by the two sisters while living without their parents.

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BOTY Critic Review

Anurag Sharma
Rated 70/100
The actors played their part extremely well and ensured the success of the show. The story is written on a very unique issue which is not really raised my many serials. Hence, it appeals directly to the audience and teaches everyone about the hardships in life.

More About Ek Nayi Chhoti Si Zindagi

The show raised the issue of abandoning of children very well and highlights the responsibility of parents towards their kids. It also throws light on the emotional as well as the mental effect on the brains of abandoned children. The emotions in the show made it easy it easy to connect with the people.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • The show was also dubbed in English as well as in the Arabic language

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