Flop Show
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Start Date: 31 October, 1989
End Date: 26 December, 1989
Total Episodes10
Lead Cast, , ,
Supporting CastB.N. Sharma, Kuldeep Sharma, Ravi Sharma, Prem Kalaria, Binny Grover, Devender Mundepi
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Plot Summary

This is a satirical comedy show based on the socio-economic problems faced by common man in the 90’s.

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BOTY Critic Review

Anurag Sharma
Rated 70/100
This is an epic comedy show and full of humorous content. What makes this show special is that it is based on the common man's life and only clean comedy is all its episodes.

More About Flop Show

This show is one of the popular show on Doordarshan channel and it throws light on the problems faced by common men due to socio-cultural reasons. An excellent example of comedy is shown in this show and it became extremely popular among the young as well as adults. Despite lasting for only 10 episodes on tv, it is remembered even today by every fan of Jaspal Bhatti.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Jaspal Bhatti's wife, Savita Bhatti produced this show and herself acted in all the shows.
  • This show only comprised of 10 episodes.
  • This show was shot in Chandigarh at Punjab Engineering College.

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