Laado 2
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Start Date: 6 November, 2017
End Date: 23 May, 2018
Total Episodes132
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastDakssh Ajit Singh, Rishabh Nigam, Ananya Khare, Ankit Raaj, Meghna Malik
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Plot Summary

Going by the name ‘Laado Veerpur Ki Mardani’, it is the sequel to the popular tv show, Na Aana Is Des Laado. Ammaji is back with her 2 granddaughters, Anushka and Jhanvi. On the other side in the village of Veerpur, Haryana, a man named Balwant Singh is spreading terror. Will Laado rise up again to bring justice to the women of Veerpur?

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BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 70/100
Ammaji's character is portrayed as very strong in both the seasons. And no one else other than Meghna Malik could successfully pull off this character. She has been truly a treat to watch. On the other hand, Avika Gor is also not less. She is totally a gem of TV serial industry. With this show, she has yet again proven her mettle. Laado 2 is a very engaging show and keeps you entertained for the complete duration. It totally lives upto its theme in an apt way.

More About Laado 2

In the previous show, Na Aana Is Des Laado, Amma Ji was shown as a powerful and conservative woman of a village, who supported female infanticide and many other evils. But in this series, she is now a transformed woman, making peace with all her previous sins. She is living with her 2 granddaughters Anushka and Jhanvi, in a totally different place now. Where Anushka is a strong and confident woman, Jhanvi is a scared person.

On the other hand, in their village Veerpur, Balwant Singh has continued to spread terror. He is still engaged in the trade of women. The story takes a sharp turn when Jhanvi is gang-raped and killed. This brings the old Ammaji back who is willing to go to any extent to take revenge. Laado 2 shows how Anushka rises up to fight against all the evils of her village.

Issues raised:

Male dominant society, women trafficking, women empowerment


  • Meghna Malik left the show since Avika's character was started getting more importance and she was sidelined.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • This is Avika Gor's 2nd show that deals with socially relevant issues.
  • Balika Vadhu and Na Aana Is Des Laado were the 1st serials of the Colors TV.
  • Shaleen Malhotra was previously seen on Star Plus, playing the cop, 'Arjun'.
  • This is the 2nd time Avika is paired opposite an actor twice her age. 1st time was in Balika Vadhu.

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