Nimki Mukhiya
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Start Date: 28 August, 2017
End Date: Ongoing
Total Episodes214+
Lead Cast, ,
Supporting CastPriyanshu Singh, Garima Vikrant Singh, Vijay Kumar, Rishi Khurana, Karaan Singh,Jatin Suri
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Plot Summary

This is the story of a girl Nimki, who incidentally becomes the first female Mukhiya of her village. Nimki is a dreamer & a carefree character who is highly obsessed with Bollywood. She loves Babbu who is the son of ex- mukhiya of the village. Fortunately, Babbu’s father decides to make Nimki only to fulfill his political needs. But unfortunately, nobody accepts her in her new family. Further the story continues with Nimki’s struggling life.

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BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 70/100
This serial has a completely different plot. Despite having the saas-bahu characters, the plot is different from other saas-bahu serials. Basically, a struggling yet winning character of a girl is shown. So it's inspirational too. Overall, it's a good show to watch if you like politics.

More About Nimki Mukhiya

Unlike other serials, Nimki Mukhiya has quite different yet relevant storyline. The plot majorly focuses on Nimki's character. Through her, the serial has dealt with many social issues like racism, casteism, corruption & many more. Despite belonging to a small & narrow-minded society, Nimki manages to win the election & become the first female politician of her area. Later, she faces typical difficulties after her marriage. But, everything is shown interestingly.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Nimki Mukhiya actor, Abhishek Sharma is currently dating one of the Dandekar sisters.
  • The main lead, Bhumka Gurung has made her debut in TV serials with Nimki Mukhiya. Previously, she has been featured in some episodes of Gumrah & Ye Hai Aashiqui.
  • Her look in this serial is inspired by the film, Bunty Aur Babli.

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