Piya Albela
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Start Date: 6 March, 2017
End Date: Ongoing
Total Episodes320+
Genre, ,
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastTushar Khanna, Jaya Binju Tyagi, Ankitt Vyas
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Plot Summary

Piya Albela narrates a story which is roughly based on the love story of Menaka & Vishwamitra. Naren & Pooja are the lead characters. Both of them are opposite to each other. Naren lives in his spiritual world unaware of the reality. His parents want him to lead a normal & happy life. On the other hand, Pooja is full of life. When she meets Naren, she changes him completely.

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Peak Active Viewers368000
Popularity Index2.0
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Average TRP1.6

BOTY Critic Review

Anurag Sharma
Rated 65/100
Since its story is similar to Menaka & Vishwamitra's story, people were really excited. It had a good start. But, after some episodes, the plot became quite boring. Overall, it's an average serial to watch in your free time.

More About Piya Albela

Piya Albela is a serial with a different storyline, unlike other serials. Initially, Naren believes in meditation & spirituality. The show becomes more interesting when Naren & Pooja falls for each other. There are many unexpected twists. After a long leap, destiny makes them face each other again. But, this time as each other's rivals instead of lovers.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Both the lead characters, Sheen Dass & Akshay Mhatre made their debut on television with this serial.
  • This serial is based on the love story of Menaka & Vishwamitra in a modern way.
  • Producer & creator of this show, Sooraj Barjatya worked almost 8 years on this project.
  • He is also a famous film director.

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