Prithvi Valabh
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42-43 Min | Sat-Sun

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Start Date: 20 January, 2018
End Date: Ongoing
Total Episodes40+
Lead Cast, ,
Supporting CastJitin Gulati, Shalini Kapoor, Pawan Chopra, Mukesh Rishi
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Plot Summary

This is a historical serial which narrates the story of the Kings of the medieval kingdom. It majorly focuses on the love story of Prithvi Vallabh & Mrinalvati. Initially, they used to hate each other. But, later both of them fall for each other.

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Peak Active Viewers368000
Popularity Index0.5
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Average TRP1.4

BOTY Critic Review

Garima Singh
Rated 72/100
It's a treat to watch this type of serial which promotes the strength of women. Along with this, the serial is the perfect mixture of history, mystery, love & war which keeps you connected throughout.

More About Prithvi Valabh

The serial, Prithvi Valabh is a perfect blend of history, mystery, love & war. There will be 2 seasons of this show each having 40 episodes.

The main issue raised by this show is that a woman could be a great warrior too. In other serials, women are meant to cry, struggle, etc. This serial portrays a strong & dominant character of a woman.

Apart from this, it also deals with the depth of love. This serial started creating controversies after the release of its first short trailer. Viewers claimed that it is similar to Game Of Thrones.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Basically, it is the modification of a Gujarati historical fiction of the same name.
  • The background music is the slow version of the music of Game Of Thrones.

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