Punar Vivah
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Start Date: 20 February, 2012
End Date: 17 May, 2013
Total Episodes325
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastShweta Munshi, Sarwar Ahuja, Dishank Arora, Leena Jumani, Chetan Pandit
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Plot Summary

Punar Vivah narrates the story of Yash & Aarti. Yash is a widower & Aarti is a divorcee. Fate brings them together & Yash & Aarti end up marrying each other. While Aarti accepts Yash with his two daughters, Payal & Palak, Yash accepts her with her son, Ansh.

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Peak Active Viewers246000
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Average TRP0.8

BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 71/100
Punar Vivah is just like another saas-bahu drama but with a new storyline. The story starts with a good point but later, it becomes quite boring. The plot seems to be stretching. On the other hand, the chemistry between the lead characters is superb. Overall, it's a nice serial to watch with your family.

More About Punar Vivah

As the title suggests, this serial is all about the second marriage. It's a big social issue which is raised in this serial. Although the storyline is quite predictable, the audience finds this entertaining. One of the biggest reason is the cast of this show especially the lead characters.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • It was dubbed in many other languages like French & English.
  • It was aired in various countries with different names.

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