Suvreen Guggal
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Start Date: 19 March, 2012
End Date: 22 November, 2013
Total Episodes120
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastSmriti Kalra, Shivin Narang, Karam Rajpal, Sadhana Sharma, Heli, Mohit Malik
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Plot Summary

Suvreen Guggal narrates the story of a hardworking & studious girl, Suvreen who is the charm of the Guggal family. Everybody in her family & relatives appreciates her for her achievements in education. In an examination, she makes her family proud by bagging the first position. Later, she moves to Delhi from her small town to pursue her higher education. This serial is split into two seasons.

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BOTY Critic Review

Garima Singh
Rated 82/100
Suvreen Guggal is a refreshing & entertaining show. What makes it different is its completely unique plot. Unlike other television serials, it has no saas-bahu dramas. Along with the young generation, parents would also love to watch it.

More About Suvreen Guggal

Suvreen Guggal is completely a youth-oriented show which revolves around a small town girl who faces many problems after moving to the big city, Delhi. There are two seasons of this serial.

Season 1

This season marks the journey of Suvreen from Kathgodam to New Delhi. Initially, she faces many problems as she comes away from her family for the first time. Although she was very good in studies, Suvreen ends up becoming a struggling fashion designer after completing her studies.

Season 2

Now, Suvreen is a fashion designer by profession which her parents never wanted to be. Only her boyfriend, Yuvraj & her best friend, Soni supports her in this. Later, she manages to make her parents happy after so many efforts. After some years, she returns to her hometown & opens a boutique. The show ends with Yuvraj proposing her for marriage.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • The male lead, Shivin Narang made his debut as an actor in this serial.
  • Later, he appeared in another famous TV series, Veera.

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