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Start Date: 1 December, 2008
End Date: 16 January, 2015
Total Episodes1549
Lead Cast,
Supporting CastNandish Sandhu, Ayub Khan, Pragati Mehra, Pratima Kazmi, Vaishali Thakkar
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Plot Summary

This serial narrates a complicated friendship of Iccha & Tapasya. While Tapasya is a rich spoilt, Iccha is a kind-hearted girl who is the daughter of Damini. Damini is the maid in Tapasya’s house. Furthermore, this serial is divided into 3 seasons.

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Peak Active Viewers201000
Popularity Index1.35
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Average TRP1.6

BOTY Critic Review

Bhavya Bansal
Rated 65/100
Uttaran was one of the most watched daily soaps of 2008-2015. It's full of family drama. A complicated friendship & love story is beautifully portrayed by the characters. Overall, it's a nice serial if you love to watch Indian daily soaps.

More About Uttaran

Season 1

The serial starts with the childhood of Iccha & Tapasya who are best friends. One day, Tapasya plays a serious prank with Iccha in jealousy. As a result, her parents send her to a boarding school as a punishment.

Season 2

This season starts with showing a leap of 12 years. Tapasya returns back to home after completing her school education. Now, Tapasya & Iccha are grown up as beautiful girls. A young boy, Veer is introduced in the serial. Further, the serial shows the love triangle between the three teenagers.

Season 3

Again, a long leap of 18 years is shown. This season focuses on the daughters of Iccha & Tapasya. As their mothers, they too are best friends. The same story continues further as both of them fall for the same guy.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • It was one of the longest-running series which ran from 2008 to 2015.
  • It was dubbed in the Tamil language.
  • The main leads, Nandish Singh & Rashmi Desai fell in love in real-life. They even got married. But unfortunately, the duo got separated in 2016.
  • It has been broadcasted internationally in many different languages.

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