War brings a lot of destruction along with itself and it is recommended for every type of force in the world to avoid war at any cost. But sometimes it becomes necessary for a force to confront his enemy head-on in a deadly battle. A number of battles have been fought in the history and many warrior movies have been made to present the sentiments of fighters during a war. Filmmakers from all the film industries have done a great job in presenting the war in the movies on a big screen. However, what amuses most of the people is the valor and courage of a warrior in these types of films. A lot of people have taken inspiration from the courageous acts of fighters in these movies and won many battles in their life.

Bollywood has also given many exception warrior movies for the audience to watch. Various sides of a warrior’s personality are shown in these films which simply inspire everyone to inculcate such qualities to face the hardships of life like a courageous warrior. Here we have presented a list of Hindi films in which the fighting spirit of a warrior teaches a lesson to every person to taste the success in a battle at any cost.


Padmaavat is one the most controversial movies of Hindi cinema and also it collected a humongous amount at the box office. Despite facing a huge protest from the audience, the film did well in the theatres and remained strong for a long time. In this movie, the real spirit of a warrior is shown by Maharaja Ratan Singh and Mughal emperor, Alauddin Khilji. These two warriors showed the traits in a personality that a true warrior must possess in order to become a symbol of courage for his kingdom.

Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s another popular film which not only just made a huge collection at the box office but also gave a wonderful work for the audience to watch. Ranveer Singh’s acting simply stole the show and every moviegoer became his fan on seeing his performance. In the film, Ranveer Singh played the character of Bajirao 1 and he did a brilliant work on the screen. How he won various battles against his rivals and the way he dealt with his enemies with enthusiasm simply made his stand strong. It is one of the best warrior movies ever made in the history of Indian cinema.

Jodhaa  Akbar

Another movie which falls under the category of Hindi warrior movies is Jodha Akbar. Hrithik Roshan played the role of king Akbar in an excellent manner. He gave an excellent example of his management skills in satisfying the needs of every common man in his kingdom. Also, his courage in a war while fighting with his enemies is an inspiration for any soldier in today’s time.

Bahubali: The Beginning

In this movie, Bahubali’s son Shivadu and the king of Mahismati kingdom engage themselves in a battle of pride. Various tactics and skills used by the two warriors in the movie is a prime example of traits every fighter desires to have. The film turned out to be one of the hit movies in the Indian as well as overseas box office. The character of Shivadu teaches the lesson of true leadership and also his ability to inspire his soldiers during wartime.


This movie is a biopic based on the life of the King Ashok. In the film, the younger days of the king and his efforts to inculcate the skills of war is portrayed on the screen. Apart from all these, how he uses his skills to protect his love in the film and the soft corner of a warrior are some of the traits that every warrior must have in him. Not only the perseverance of a fighter but also the will to serve people earnestly is portrayed in this movie.


Mohenjodaro is a story of a poor farmer named, Sarman who comes to a city where a tyrant king Imam rules on the people of that place. How he takes revenge on his family from the cruel king and his thinking to serve the people of his area show what a true king, as well as a warrior, is all about.

So, these are some of the warrior movies which really inspires everyone to think high and act bravely on facing problems in life. Also, the need to contribute to the welfare of the poor as well as needy people is very well taught in the film.

First Published on: 09:01 am - 10, Jul 2018
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