Be it Bollywood, Hollywood or any other movie industry, actresses these days are very cautious of what they are wearing. They care about their looks even when the movie shoot is not going on. Now whether it is about a casual wear, or something to be worn on red carpet, all of them have their own set of favorite stores they prefer hanging at.

While some of them love to shop in the same places you visit, some of them prefer shopping from exquisite stores overseas. Check out what are the most favourite overseas locations of these megastars, who would not think twice before shedding millions for just a small piece of cloth. If you love their looks, you can also check out stores at these places, and match their style.

However, we know that is not possible for most of you. If you wish to dress like these celebs, but can’t afford traveling to overseas for just this thing, you can take a look at these shopping guides. Here you will find a perfect store in your own budget, right in your city or nearby. But let’s first see what all are the popular shopping locations for these actresses.


This is an excellent shopping hub for people all around the world, especially for Bollywood celebs. There are just so many markets to explore, ranging from luxury brands to common goods. The major reason people prefer this city in Thailand, is because of its affordability and ease of reach.

It is fairly easy to reach Bangkok and have a vacation besides doing shopping. And that is why people prefer to come here most of the times. The goods here are even affordable for common people, making it an excellent choice to come and copy their favorite actress’ shopping style.


This is another place that actresses across the world love to explore. This is even a perfect place to come on vacations with friends and family. So, whether shopping or not, you will find a lot of celebrities here passing their time. Many actors have even taken residency here in Burj Khalifa or nearby places, making it their second home. And so for them, shopping in Dubai is no big a deal.

Here as well, there are many luxury boutiques and brands which are full of celebrities. If you visit this place, you will surely come across somebody who has arrived here just to shop. Having such a large collection of goods, Dubai becomes another favorite of many actresses.


Do we even have to say something about this?

The entire world definitely comes here to shop at least once in their lifetime. If the distance is not much of a concern, you will find nearly every actress visiting some or the other store in this big country. From Las Vegas to New York City, every designer store is full of costly goods and popular celebs. If you are staying nearby, you should definitely come and check the popular stores here. Who knows you get to catch a glimpse of your favorite actresses.

First Published on: 22:40 pm - 8, Aug 2018
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