The popular fantasy web novel “Who Made me a Princess” will not be available in Hindi. As per the information available on many reputed sources, it has been found that “Who Made me a Princess”, the immensely famous novel based on anime, romance, and fantasy genre will not be translated in the Hindi language. After it started receiving high support from readers in different corners of the world, it got translated from Japanese to English.

Due to its highly exciting storyline, many Hindi readers started asking for its Hindi translation but the publishers declined their request to make available the manga comic in the Hindi language. Both Japanese and English speaking people have lauded the plot of the manga comic and they have simply appreciated the excellent piece of work that its author has done in it. Plutus Spoon, the author and creator of the manga comic, has touched the emotions of readers in his work.

‘Who Made me a Princess” is an animated series in the Japanese language that is in high demand among kids and other age groups of people. Not just the Japanese people but it is also popular among other categories of people who speak other languages. Although it has been made available for English speaking people, it is also enjoying a huge demand among people of other languages.

Especially, the Hindi language people are demand for its translation on a large scale but the chances for its availability in the Hindi language are very less. Some time back rumors spread into the air about its translation into the Hindi language. But now things have become crystal clear that this animated series will not be available in Hindi. After the release of this news, more and more people living in different corners of the world have become depressed.

The story of “Who Made me a Princess” is very interesting and its plot simply fascinates readers to get attached to it. It is really appealing to the emotions of the readers and it depicts the relationship between the daughter and father in an exciting manner. If this got you interested to read the manga, then has detailed the list of sites where you can read all chapters of Who made me a Princess.


Now, let’s talk about its plot. The plot of this manga comic revolves around a young lady and a bedtime story, Athanasia. In the story, the emperor, Claude de Alger Obelia killed his daughter, Athanasia. Suddenly, the story becomes a reality and the young lady finds herself in place of the princess, Athanasia. Now, all she is trying to do is find out the ways to escape the unfortunate moment in which his father would kill her.

The story depicts the life decisions of the princess and it also highlights the emotions she feels while escaping her death. As this novel is available online, a lot of people have expressed their deep pleasure after reading all the chapters from this book. This novel was released in the year 2019 and it received a positive response from its readers in a limited time of its release.

First Published on: 20:33 pm - 28, Feb 2020
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