There are numerous popular actors in the Bollywood industry. While some are upcoming and recently born stars, while others are there for a long time to rule.

But despite that, over the last 1-2 years, the majorly popular stars are not showing much success. Their movies are not winning the hearts of the audience, despite having such a big star cast and widespread virtual team. On the other hand, there are many small budget and not much popular star cast movies, which are doing wonders on the screen.

Why do you think this is happening?

The difference between a successful movie and all the rest is not all about the actors and the directors. Sometimes, it all boils down to one single fact – script writing. Why do you think Bollywood is unable to make good scripts, while Hollywood offers plenty of extremely amazing movies?

Less focus on content

The focus of Bollywood scripts is more on showing romance, drama, and action. Content is not kept into focus much. There is no particular story line, just plain old action. There was a time when these movies were taken to be super hits, and other movies which had good content were not much successful.

But with the passage of time, the attention of people is shifting from normal drama to content based movies. And that is evident from the success of few super hit films in recent times, such as Stree, Uri, Raazi, AndhaaDhun, Badhaai Ho, and so on. All of these do not have any major star, yet people loved them over the movies of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

That is the biggest evidence of the fact that content is lacking in majority of Bollywood scripts now. Those who become successful in showing an amazing story line through their movies, hold the power to succeed. Rest others fail.

So, no matter what, content is the king and will forever be! That is the major difference between the scripts here and elsewhere.

Audience preference

It is only recently that many people have started liking meaningful movies. But for the last few decades, audience were very crazy for movies which are full of drama and action. They don’t want anything else. So, the script writers also kept writing the story lines around these 2 genre only.

On the other hand, Hollywood has such a diverse audience that they make all kinds of films with full enthusiasm. With variety, people love every kind of movie, and hence their scripts become successful. The same, however, can no longer be said about Bollywood. Till the time, audience preference won’t change, Bollywood would not be able to provide with successful scripts.

First Published on: 11:20 am - 11, Feb 2019
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Bhavya is BOTY's Sr. Journalist who has done a lot of research over the years on Bollywood. She loves to write latest news and movie updates.
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