For many people like us, the reputations do not matter at such an extent as for the celebrities. For us, our work matters more than the reputation. But when it comes to celebrities, their whole livelihood depends upon their reputation alone. And this is the case with not just the celebs. Politicians, lawyers, real estate agents, etc. also go through the similar cases.

And when something starts pointing towards their reputation, they are the first ones who reach various agencies like SEO Heroes to get their reputation in control. No matter how much money it takes, the agencies take care of many things for them such as SEO, SMM, etc. which most of the businesses do themselves.

The celebrities should definitely care too. There is nothing bad in this. It is something on which their whole career stands.

Fake news and Scandals

These days, we hear a lot of fake news, rumors, scandals, etc. related to various celebrities. Whether something is true or not, doesn’t matter. For most of the people, whatever media says is the truth. Now whether the media is telling a lie or a truth, there is no surety in anything. But the career of celebs definitely comes at stake.

Although those who have become highly popular remain unaffected with this most of the time. Small time or budding artists face bad repercussions of the false link ups and scandals. Hence, reputation management becomes important here, both online as well as offline.

Career Growth

A celeb never earns money from just one source, such as acting, singing, etc. For a celebrity, live shows, guest appearances, etc. also help make money. And these live shows would run only if the celeb is highly popular among the target audience of an event.

What if the reputation of the celebrity is at stake? They would definitely lose the chance to perform at shows and other events, which I am sure no one would want. So they end up hiring the agencies for themselves, who can look after their online reputation and manage that on timely manner.

First Published on: 21:46 pm - 25, Dec 2018
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Bhavya is BOTY's Sr. Journalist who has done a lot of research over the years on Bollywood. She loves to write latest news and movie updates.
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