Indian celebrities have set a new trend of moving abroad in their retirement age. No doubt, India is a perfect place to earn a huge chunk of money as it has an excellent market to appreciate the works of celebrities. Still, a huge number of Indian celebrities prefer to spend their retirement period in the overseas. Well, there are certain reasons due to which Indian celebrities move abroad after retirement.

Among all the foreign destinations, the US is the prime attraction for Indian celebrities post their retirement. With the availability of professional movers services such as movers Scottsdale in the US, it has become quite easier for celebrities. Now, there is no burden of loading and unloading the stuff while shifting to a new place. Following reasons attract Indian celebrities to move abroad after retiring from their career:

Proper Healthcare Facilities

In the abroad, there is a good level of healthcare services which is why people (mostly celebrities) from India love to live their retirement life there. Also, there are better health insurance plans than in any other country which also appeals to them on a large scale. Hence, because of the world-class health-care facilities and personnel services, it is quite comfortable for Indian celebrities to live a life of their choice without putting in a huge amount of investment.

Availability of Advanced Technology

In today’s digital world, everybody’s demands advanced technology means to live its life with ease. People can enjoy high-speed internet and many online services could easily be availed in no time. Surfing on the web, making video calls, working online at home facilitate people to do their daily work efficiently. Also, it is easier to watch online Tv shows and movies, with various online services such as Netflix, Roku in an easy manner. Due to technological advancement in the air travel sector, it has become feasible to travel at a low-fare.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Due to the availability of high-quality services, lifestyle in abroad has improved significantly which facilitates living a life full of fun. Also, helpful resources such as internet connection and other basic amenities have made it easier for people to live according to their own terms. Various global bilateral agreements between India and other countries of the world have facilitated this thing.

First Published on: 13:17 pm - 28, Jan 2019
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
Piyush Chugh is an established film critic, and Bollywood Trade analyst. He brings to you the latest box office news and collection updates.
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