YouTube has become one of the most preferred video platform online. People from all over the world watch YouTube for variety of things such as songs, sports, tutorials, entertainment, movies, and so much more.

And among various things available here, Indian music is one thing which has become really prominent on YouTube. Out of various options where Indian Music can get played, YouTube has rather become a home to the genre. But why is that so?

Indian audience

Almost every Indian watch things on YouTube. And when it is about listening songs, YouTube is one of the go-to channels of millions of Indians. So when you have each and every person of your target audience on one platform, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that fact.

The sole purpose of music producers is to make their songs reach as wide the audience as possible. With YouTube, they can easily do so without much efforts. Services like RankToday make SEO extremely easy for such songs and videos. Hence, Indian music is finding more and more presence on this popular video platform.

Free platform

Anyone who wants to launch his video, prefers YouTube solely because it is a free platform. Anyone can easily launch a video here, and with just the little effort on SEO front, they can make their videos go viral.

So when publishing is free, all the songs find YouTube as their first home whenever they are released. With every person present here, launching songs here first makes much more sense. Moreover, since the platform is free for both publishing and listening, people also prefer listening and watching songs here only.

Although for listening, various platforms like Wynk, Gaana, etc. are available. When it comes to videos, YouTube is one of the best choices that people have.

Everything is possible here! Hence, Indian Music is right to find its home on YouTube.

First Published on: 00:07 am - 2, Jan 2019
Author: author image Bhavya
Bhavya is BOTY's Sr. Journalist who has done a lot of research over the years on Bollywood. She loves to write latest news and movie updates.
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