Besides listening to popular Bollywood and Punjabi songs, people in India are also a great fan of some good English music. With so many amazing international artists in the world, it would rather be a shocking point if Indians did not listen to them.

There was a time when Bollywood music alone was heavily dominated in India. But now, along with the Hindi music, Punjabi and English music have also started gaining popularity. People are becoming aware of some of the really nice music that is made all over the world, and are highly appreciating the same too.

But when it comes to English music, lyrics of some which are shared on allmusicals, the love and attention it gets is really surprising.

The music alone is sufficient

The American accent is different than the Indian accent. So, most of the people might not understand what exactly are the words of an English song. But they surely love the music. The beats, singer, dance, rhythm, and everything related to the song, except the lyrics, fascinate people to no extent.

There are some very popular singers internationally, such as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and so on. They make any music sound so wonderful that people just cannot turn their deaf ears to these songs. Moreover, there are many budding artists too, such as Tanya Nolan, who are slowly becoming popular among the people all over the world.

One of Tanya’s song Love Ya, has been catching up with the people very much lately. Here is the video of her song, which many people have begun to like in the last few days.

So, these good artists are also a reason why the Indians are loving English music a lot. They really make a song pleasing for the ears. Also, though a different language, the music should matter the most. You can take an example of Despacito too!

Totally in a different language which is not understood by majority of the world, yet this song is number one watched video on YouTube. After all, music is all that matters!

First Published on: 01:39 am - 6, Feb 2019
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