This is a story of a married man who works in a supermarket. One day he finds that some goons are targeting a girl. He rescues her from the goons and takes the blame for the crime committed by the gir... Read More

Singam 3

Singam 3 is the 3rd part of Singam franchise. It revolves around a DCP who is very courageous and diligent. He is fighting against the bad elements of the society. They are responsible for drug addic... Read More


This movie revolves around an NRI who wants to settle in India. After some time he comes here, and now the real story of the movie starts. He falls in love with a girl and some goons attack on him. No... Read More


The story of this movie revolves around a charitable trust. The trust is in the eyes of a mafia. They plan to kill the legal heir and capture the property of the trust. A kind-hearted cab driver come... Read More

A Aa

A daughter of a rich woman is going to a village to meet her aunt. She meets a boy on the train, who is her cousin. They both are unaware of their relation and fall in love with each other. They get t... Read More


Two girls meet on a flight and they become good friends. They start sharing each other’s love stories. Soon one of them finds that her boyfriend resembles with that of the second girl. What is t... Read More

Babu Bangaram

It is a story of an honest police officer who is in search of a murderer. Eventually, he meets the daughter of the murderer. He falls in her love, but his main motive is to find her father. What will... Read More


This movie is a remake of Malayalam movie with the same name. It is a story of a boy who is very unlucky in his love life. He meets three girls in the different stages of his life. But always fails to... Read More


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This movie is a remake of Marathi movie Sairat. It is set in Rajasthan, and it explores the love story between different castes. This movie shows various issues prevailing in the states regarding inte... Read More