This movie tells the tale of Mafia Queen of the 80s, Ashraf Khan, aka Sapna Didi. It shows how she transformed herself from a happy housewife to one of the most dreaded mafias of Mumbai. When her husb... Read More

Salaam Bombay!

An 11-year-old boy destroys his elder brother’s bike. His cruel brother asks him to pay the cost of the bike. In order to do this, the boy leaves his home and starts working in a circus. Will he... Read More


Amit lives with his parents and brother. Amit’s brother loves a girl and soon they decide to get married. Unfortunately, Amit’s brother dies in an accident. Later, his parents force Amit ... Read More


Some terrorist attacks on India which cause various casualties. Daniyal has been appointed as an undercover agent to investigate against the mastermind behind the attack. During this operation, Dani... Read More

Main Aur Charles

Charles is a serial killer who can do everything for money. He makes people fool and rob them. Later, he gets arrested for a crime. Somehow, he manages to escape from the jail. Now, will he be able to... Read More


Satyagraha is the story of four common people who fight against corrupt police officers. A common man & his father wish to meet each other. A woman leads an extremely struggling life. Will all the... Read More


Surya is the son of a schoolmaster. The schoolmaster hates Surya for his notorious nature. One day, the master kicks off his son and swears to never see him again. As a result, he is raised by a busin... Read More

The Killer

A cruel serial killer is on one of his evil missions. He seeks help from a taxi driver & books his taxi for a full night. The innocent taxi driver agrees &  takes him in. Later, he gets to kn... Read More