Jattu Engineer

This a story of a village in which villagers have no purpose in their lives and are indulged in drug addiction and gambling. A teacher from the same village decides and takes actions to cure the peopl... Read More

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

This is a triangle love story between Samar Anand, Meera Thapar, and Akira. Samar while teaching Meera playing guitar falls in love with her but she rejected him for a mere superstition. Later, he jo... Read More

Khatta Meetha

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Sachin Tichkule is a local petty contractor who is facing challenges from the local municipality and his employees. He is not having much money to sort out his matters through the bribe. To make the m... Read More


This is a story about two different mindsets among people. One type of person who wants to live his life according to values and another type of person who wants to get rich within no time by any... Read More


This is a story about one journey which completely transforms the lives of two young boys. Sammy and Ali go on a fun trip and this journey gives a new meaning to their lives. This story gives a new m... Read More


Four young men want to earn money quickly and become rich to fulfill their dreams. But while walking on the path of making quick money, they encounter several characters who change their life complete... Read More


A man named J was once a street smart and carefree guy. Now, he is wounded and lying in the terrain of Mexican desert. He is searching for his love. It's a very passionate love story. Whethe... Read More