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When we talk about action in real life, the most popular thought that comes to everyone’s mind is the war, either the Indo Pak war or the Indo-China war. The next thought that follows this is the ultimate combination of Bollywood and battlefield. The war genre is the most beloved genre among people worldwide. But unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of Indian war movies to watch. While this does seem to be a problem for movie lovers, but there are some Bollywood war movies which you can binge watch.

Ever since the Independence of India, Bollywood has got a fairly big chance at making war movies. India has been involved in multiple wars with our neighboring nations. Using this as a medium, multiple Indian war films have released, which majorly focused on the relations between India and Pakistan. Watching Bollywood actors present themselves as a part of Indian Army, always increase the feeling of patriotism in oneself. When we talk about Patriotism, these 2 things definitely come to our minds:

  • India Pakistan Cricket Match
  • India Pakistan War

While Bollywood does not have a say in the Cricket match, it definitely helps us build our patriotism through the war based movies. And hence, one way or the other, these Indian war movies become a medium where people show their gratitude towards the bravery of Indian Army. These Bollywood movies become a tribute to the efforts and selflessness depicted by our Brave Army.

True Story or Fiction? 

Are the movies based on fiction, or they tell us a real story? Well, to answer that, we will take some examples of some popular Bollywood war movies.

One of the famous war movies is Border, directed by J. P. Dutta. This movie tells us the true tale of the Indo Pak war of 1971. This has been till date, one of the best Hindi war movies Bollywood has ever made, and hence a blockbuster film. And this is not the only movie which is based on 1971 war. The movie ‘1971’ is a Bollywood war film which is based on the true story of prisoners left after the 1971 Indo-Pak war. It shows how the 6 soldiers of Indian army escape the clutches of Pakistan army after the war.

Like these movies, many more Bollywood war movies have been made, which narrates the true story of Indian wars. LOC Kargil, by J.P. Dutta, is another such movie, which is based on the Kargil war fought between India and Pakistan on the grounds of Kargil.

Talking about J.P. Dutta, he is extremely famous for directing many patriotic based films and action films. For the movie ‘Border’, he was even awarded the National Award for ‘Best Feature Film on National Integration’ by the President of India. His list of patriotic movies includes

  • LOC Kargil
  • Border
  • Refugee
  • and few more.

JP Dutta is also working on his new movie Paltan. The movie is scheduled to release next year and is expected to be a very big budget war movie.

If you are a little out of breath, you must listen to this absolutely amazing song from the movie Border. You probably would have heard it before.

Are all war movies true story?

NO. Other than the real life incidents, Bollywood directors are also making movies based on fiction. Lakshaya, for instance, was a work of pure fiction play. This movie revolved around the life of a college going student who went on to become the Captain of Indian Army.

Tango Charlie is another hit fiction movie based on the same theme and whose main tagline was that not all battles are fought on a battlefield. This movie revolved around the life of a fresh recruit, and how he became the most courageous soldier of Indian Army.

Are all movies based on Indo Pak Wars?

So far, the list we have seen is mostly based either on fiction or on Indo-Pak war. Not all Indian war movies are about our riff with Pakistan.

One of the major concerns for our country is the region of Kashmir. To highlight the disturbed environment there, Bollywood came with the movie ‘Mission Kashmir’. This movie, directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, is an action film which follows the life and tragedy of a young boy named Altaaf. It highlights the issue of terrorism and tragedy suffered by children from war, which is highly prevalent in the Kashmir area. This movie went on to become a huge success. 

Finding your favorite war movie

There exists an exhaustive list of war movies made by Bollywood. But are all the movies good and worth watching? We have prepared this exclusive list of Bollywood war movies, which are presented to you in the order of user ratings, with highest ratings being on top.

If you feel like the ratings have been given wrongly, you can log in and give your own rating which will help other people as well to get a clear picture of which movie is worthwhile to watch.  

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