Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar


Nana Patekar is an experienced actor and has been working in the Bollywood for the last four decades. He has worked in many Marathi and Hindi films in his film career. His contribution to the film industry is immense.

Born on: 1 January, 1951
Age: 67 Years
Movies Found on BOTY: 38

Nana Patekar Movies List

₹45 cr
₹96 cr
₹94 cr
₹11 cr
₹70 cr
₹5 cr
₹19 cr
₹19 cr
₹16 cr
₹9 cr
₹15 cr
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More About Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar has worked in numerous Hindi and Marathi films in his film career. He made his debut with the movie "Gaman" and has worked with many famous actors in his life. In the beginning years of his career, he gained fame with the movies Parinda, Krantiveer, and Angaar.

Nana Patekar movies have made a positive impact on the lives of many people. His dialogue delivery style and expressions have impressed everyone in Bollywood. Also, he is famous for his philanthropist activities, and he has made a remarkable contribution to the film industry through his acting. Nana Patekar is the only actor who has won Filmfare award for best actor, best supporting actor, and best villain.

With the passage of time, his performance got improved, and in today's time, he is admired by many actors in the Bollywood. In the year 2017, he got an award in the Marathi film industry for his exceptional work in the movie Natsamat. Also, his work in the Marathi film, Aapla Manus gained laurels from the audience. And following the success of the film soon he will start working for Aapla Manus 2.

The specialty about his acting is that he is suitable for every type of role and has always inspired his co-actors with his performance in the films. His voice has a quality to gain the attention of the audience and has given his voice for many films.

Some of his famous Hindi films are Krantiveer, Ab Tak Chhappan, Welcome, Taxi No 9211, to name a few.

Nana Patekar - Personal Stats

Real Name:Vishwanath Patekar
Age0 Years
Height5ft 7in
Avg Weight76 Kgs
Marrital StatusMarried
KidsSon (Malhar Patekar)

Career Stats

Total Movies38 Movies (in BOTY Database)
Debut FilmGaman
Debut Year1978
Highest Grosser:Welcome Back - ₹96 Crores
300 Crore Club0 Movies
200 Crore Club0 Movies
100 Crore Club0 Movies

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