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Laughter is the Best Medicine & We all know that. And according to Wikipedia, there are 100 different forms of humor.┬áBut we don’t care about all of them, do we?. We are lovers of Bollywood and our prime source of entertainment lies with Hindi comedy movies. There are so many movies which have come and gone and made us laugh. “You can’t fake it.” And keeping this in mind, BOTY is here to guide you through the best comedy movies of all time.

Evolution of Hindi Comedy Movies

Over the years, there is a huge collection of comedy movies Bollywood has given us. It has come a long way from its initial time and so has the definition of comedy changed for us over time. “Comedy is subjective.” Maybe or maybe not. But if some of the comedy Hindi movies seem funny even after decades, then definitely they are reaching across cultures and generations, tickling the ribs of many. Few directors possess this skill to make movies appealing to all generations.

Let’s take an example of David Dhawan, the director famous for making some of the top Bollywood comedy movies. There was a time when he usually starred Govinda, giving a spree of hits in the 1990s. But soon after that, there was a fallout between the hit director-actor pair, where Govinda lashed out on David. Other than Govinda, David has worked with other top actors as well, like Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, etc. David has delivered a lot many other top comedy movies over the years and still continues to do the same.

David’s son is now also a major player in the film Industry Now. Varun Dhawan – who people often referred to as a Modern Govinda has been doing a majority of comedy films in his 5-6 year young career. Although, these 2 stars are not on speaking terms at the time of this writing, because of Govinda’s comments on David Dhawan.

Another famous Hindi comedy movies’ director is Priyadarshan. He has delivered many hits like Hera Pheri, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Bhagam Bhaag, etc. These movies were a huge Box Office hit. They are still a hilarious treat to watch. No body can ever get tired of watching them over and over. Do you agree with us?

But should Directors take all the credit?

No doubt, Bollywood Comedy Movies are a treat, thanks to the Directors. But let’s give some credit to the great Comedians in these movies as well. The Indian film industry has given us a lot of comedians or comic stars over the years. And it’s not possible to mention them all but here are a few

  • Johnny Walker
  • Mahmood
  • Asrani
  • Om Prakash
  • Johnny Lever
  • Paresh Rawal
  • Rajpal Yadav
  • Kader Khan
  • Vijay Raaz
  • Shakti Kapoor
  • and many more…

Legends of Indian Comedy Films

Johny Lever is a comedian, whom we all love. He has done diverse roles, ranging from seriousness in Enemy to Comedy in almost every movie. His first major success came with Baazigar. And soon after that, he came to be known as the comedy king of Bollywood.

Well, we don’t just have Johny Lever with us. And he clearly wasn’t the first. There were artists like Mahmood. He is famous for directing the Great Indian film, Padosan in which he also starred in a comic role. And there also was Johnny Level from the Era of Black & White movies. Both Big Legends.

Is every Comedy Movie a hit?

NO. So far, we have been praising a lot about our films. But not to forget, every day has a night. Many of these movies are a big disappointment as well. Along with hits, the directors have given some flop movies. Some of these include Tees Maar Khan and God Tussi Great Ho. Both of them coming from big directors and actors.

Stand up Comedians in our Comedy Movies

There have been Many Standup Comedians in India, who have made their way from the stage to the big screen. The most recent one being Kapil Sharma who is a very well known TV Show Host and a Former stand up comedian. He worked in a Movie with Abbas-Mustan Named Kis Kisko Pyaar Karun which was a decent hit at the box office.

Many comedians have tried in the past but only Kapil Sharma has had real success. Other Comedians who tried are Sudesh Lehri, Raju Srivastav and a few more.

Finding your Favourite Movie

Although, it becomes difficult to find the best movie to watch sometimes because everyone has a different taste when it comes to Bollywood comedy movies. Some like only intelligent comedy while most people love the mindless masala comedy for which the Bollywood is notorious. And there are a few happy go lucky type people, who like all of the above. Which category do you belong to?

We have prepared this exclusive list of best Bollywood comedy movies sorted by ratings of BOTY Users. Some movies here may be of a different genre, but we thought to include them in this list as well. Because sometimes, we need a proper storyline in a movie than just a lot of jokes.

Do you think of yourself as a comedy movie fan? Discover the list below and find out how many movies have you seen so far. And if there is something that you don’t like or like a lot, please remember to log in and rate it appropriately.

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