A.R. Rahman Songs

A.R Rahman is a musician who is known for integrating Indian classical music with electronic music, world music, and traditional orchestral arrangements. Due to his honorific work, he is celebrated all over the world. AR Rahman Hits have contributed to the success of many films and he is known for redefining the contemporary Indian film music.

In his prolonged career, he has been a part of Indian film industry, AR Rahman Hitsinternational cinema, and theatres. And he is the world’s best selling recording artist with the number of sales crossing 200 units. Out of many musical instruments, he found synthesizer the most interesting. Because it was the ideal combination of “music and technology”.

He is not only known for his successful soundtracks but is also acclaimed for background scores. There are many popular songs sung by him like Kun Faya Kun, Maa Tujhe Salaam, and Enna Sona. BOTY has prepared a list of all famous and hit songs by AR Rehman. Listen to your favourite tunes for free and enjoy your time.

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We hope you enjoyed listening to these famous songs by AR Rahman. BOTY keeps on updating this list as soon as new song releases. These songs take place in the list on the basis of their popularity with the most popular song being at the top.

Rahman is best known for Carnatic music, western and Hindustani classical music. His songs in various films amalgamate elements from multiple genres and layers instruments from different musical idioms in an improvisational style. Rahman's first soundtrack “Roja” was listed on Time’s top 10 best soundtracks list in 2005.

Some Lesser Known Facts About A. R. Rahman:

  • In his childhood, he aspired to become a computer engineer.
  • Due to his contribution to the music, a street in Markham, Ontario, Canada is named in his honour in November 2013.
  • During his childhood days, he appeared in Doordarshan’s Wonder Balloon and was famous as a child who could play four keyboards simultaneously. His teenager days’ keyboard is kept in his studio in Chennai for display.
  • Out of a total of 138 awards nominations, he has won 117. He is also the first Asian person to won two Oscar awards in the same year. He won GQ’s Legend of the year in 2011.
  • It was Rahman, who composed Airtel’s Signature Tune, which later becomes world’s most downloadable mobile music and crossed 150 million downloads.