Daler Mehndi Songs

Every 90s kids must remember the one and only Punjabi rockstar who was known for topping the charts with his groovy hits back then and still does, in this day and age. We are talking about India’s premier musical legend, Daler Mehendi. Daler Mehndi Songs instills a new funny and enthusiastic wave in the listener.

Daler Mehndi SongsFrom his sassy moves to his groovy dancing to his unmatchable talent, you can certainly not forget the charisma of India’s most loved Punjabi superstar. The country grew up witnessing his ever famous tracks such as “Tunak Tunak Tun” and “Na Na Nare”.

Daler, who started his journey like any other usual Punjabi singer came from humble roots and revolutionized the scenario of the entire music industry in India. BOTY has prepared a list of All His Top Rated and Latest Songs which you will love. Check out the list and listen to your favourite songs for free.

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Saade Dil Te Chhuriyan Chaliyan

We hope you enjoyed listening to these amazing songs by Daler Mehndi. BOTY Keeps on updating the list regularly and we keep adding new songs whenever they release. All these songs are sorted on the basis of popularity with Most popular songs being at the top.

Born in the city of Patna in Bihar, Mehendi had dreamt of a career in the music industry ever since he was a kid. Mehendi’s voice came like a fresh breeze in an era where Bollywood music was the most dominant part of the industry. Some artists credit Mehendi for redefining Indipop music in India.

Daler Mehendi songs are known for his statement bold and melodious voice and his colorful and bright lit attires which are known till today for their distinctness and party vibes. Daler Mehendi was firstly signed by a record label known as Magnasound. His first single, “Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra” sold a total of over 20 million copies throughout India. An year later, he launched another song, “Dardi Rab Rab” with the same label which too turned out to be a Blockbuster.

In the year 1997, he again made his mark in the Indian Music Industry by his single “Balle Balle” which again became immensely popular just like his previous music. Mehendi has a lot of laurels to his name including winning Channel V's Best Indian Male Pop Artist Award which was conferred to him after the success of his first single, “Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra”.

You will indeed be surprised to know that one of Daler Mehendi songs, “Sajan Satrangiya” also featured Miss World and Current Bollywood sensation, Priyanka Chopra. He has also sung the title song in the movie Dangal and the song "Kudiyan Shehar Diyan" in the movie Poster Boys.

Till Date, Mehendi’s music is known for its unmatchable beats and its overall vibe. Mehendi’s music is a fusion of traditional Bhangra beats and western style of music. His songs are an essential part of every wedding or party playlist, even now.

Mehendi’s fame is not restricted to just Indian borders. He has earned laurels for his work from all over the globe and has a huge fandom residing in the US, UK as well as other European and African Nations. There are many lesser-known facts about him.

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