Latest Patriotic Songs

If there is one feeling which unites the 1 Billion people in India is the feeling of Patriotism. We all love our country. And One form of entertainment which enriches this feeling of patriotism is Music. Today we present to your some of the Best Hindi Patriotic songs out there which you can enjoy on every occasion.

Most people would listen to these songs on Independence Day, Republic Day or similar festivals. But there is one thing about Desh Bhakti songs and it is that no matter when you listen to them, you will always enjoy them.

Go ahead and browse our list of Top 50 Hindi Patriotic songs. Find your favourites and listen to them for free.


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We hope you found some amazing Indian patriotic songs in Hindi from our list. Now you can download these MP3 Songs from your favourite music download website. These songs are available on all sites including wynk, saavn, etc.

Another interesting fact about Desh Bhakti songs is that they are being created since the 1900s. There must have been many songs even before our independence, but we are not aware of those.

Vande Mataram is the Most Commonly used word in our Hindi patriotic songs, followed by Saare jahan se accha.  

Both of them - Vande Mataram and Saare Jahan Se accha are actually poems and not songs. But there is a fine difference between the two.

Also, there are various different types of patriotic songs which can not be used every one. For example, a song like Chakde India is only good when you are supporting India in Sports. It can not be played in functions. And many songs are like "Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon", which are extremely emotional which remind us of the sacrifices made by our great soldiers. And we can not use these songs in sport stadiums.

Every patriotic song is same and different both. Same because they are about our love for the country. Different because they often express different emotions.

We hope you found your Ideal song. Enjoy and Keep browsing more songs on BOTY Music.