What is BOTY’s True Inflation™ Adjustment?

When comparing the performance of two movies Box Office Collection is the single most important parameter to be considered. But is it always fair to compare two movies with box office? Especially when they have released 20 Years apart? That’s where inflation adjustment comes in.

Every year we have monetary or financial inflation in India and the world. Prices for commodities like Grocery, Fuel and Public services rise. So do the Movie ticket prices. Hence inflation adjustments ensure that when two movies are compared they are compared as if both movies released today or on the same date.

BOTY’s True Inflation™ Adjustment

Although just considering the financial inflation does give a good idea of what a movie would have earned today if it released, its not accurate at all. Because of many reasons, here are a few

  • No of theatres also increase every year
  • Competition of movies different as compared to past and now.
  • No. of films which release every year is also increased
  • Competition from Regional-Movies is also very high
  • Nowadays, the majority of movie’s collection comes in the first 3 days and the first week itself. In the old days, movies had similar performance in the first week, the second week and also the third week.

BOTY Inflation considers all the above parameters when it calculates adjusted box office collection of movies. Hence BOTY’s True inflation Adjustment gives you the most accurate idea of how a movie would perform if it released today.