Actor Abhay Deol has criticized some of his fellow Bollywood actors on Facebook on Wednesday. This criticism was aimed at the promotion of the fairness creams through advertisements. The fairness cream ad campaigns were referred to by the actor as “demeaning, false and racist”.

In a series of cynical Facebook posts, Abhay Deol aimed at Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan and several other actors from Bollywood for endorsing the fairness cream ads. Abhay also shared some of the ads that the actors had done so far for the promotion of the fairness creams. He even mocked their promises for a fairer skin with a fairness cream.

Abhay’s post received several overwhelming responses. Deol posted another fairness cream ad that displayed actor and producer John Abraham holding a color shade card in his hand. To this Deol writes that we are not in a racist country. After a few more posts, Deol condemned the idea of the selling of the fairness creams and those who promoted the same in the fairness cream ads. This act by Deol has come just two weeks after the racist attacks on the individuals from African countries in the Delhi-NCR locality.

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