Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu has finally hit the theatres. After giving 2 back to back flops, Mahesh Babu has finally returned with a bang! Despite getting a great opening, his previous movie Spyder was a flop at the box office. But Bharat Ane Nenu brought him back to the positive limelight. He tried something different with his role in this movie, where he is playing the CM for the first time.

This is the second time the actor is collaborating with the director Koratala Siva. Previously the duo has given a blockbuster, Srimanthudu, which was one of the best movies of Mahesh Babu’s career so far. Whether the same and rather more success will be met this time also, only time is going to tell. Meanwhile, here we will shed some light on positives and negatives of this movie.


Previously, the charm of the actor was somewhere lost when he gave 2 back to back flops for last 2 years. But with this outing, Mahesh Babu is at his all-time best. This is the first time he is experimenting with the role of a CM. And as soon as he takes over this role in the movie, his dialog delivery becomes much more robust. He looks influential and powerful in the character. And adding that to the good looks of the young CM, this movie only adds another feather in his blockbuster movies cap.

Even though he has tried something different, yet nothing is out of the world here. He is at his usual best just like his other super hits. There were few scenes in the movie, such as the speech after he becomes the CM, which raised the charm and intensity of his acting even more.

While talking about Kiara, she felt rather weak for her role. But she definitely looked glamorous when it came to the songs. And there is nothing to be said about Prakash Raj. He is, as usual, the best! Among all other side actors, he came out to be more shining and appealing.


The 1st half of the movie shows Mahesh Babu’s life as a CM. The second half takes you in the flashback, showing his college life. The plot is a very common one when it comes to Tollywood movies. Nothing new is being brought to the plate. Having almost a non-existent story, the direction and actor are the sole reasons for this movie’s survival.

The basic plot that the actor can be never wrong turns boring after a certain point. The CM has solutions to each and every problem and is the most honest politician. With this factor, a good plot totally seems absent. Also, the latter half of the movie is dragged a bit, which becomes quite difficult for some people to bear.


So far, the director Koratala Siva has given 3 back to back superhits. This is the 4th movie of the director in the row. And this movie is his biggest gamble so far, considering a weak plotline. But he truly turned the weak story interesting with his fabulous direction. People can feel instant connect with the actor and there is a lot of freshness in the dialogs and scenes. He presents the narration in such a manner that people stay glued to the movie even when the plot is obvious.

However, he lacks good direction when it comes to emotional content. The romance felt truly superficial and unnecessary as compared to the press conference scenes. And even after that, all the emotions felt out of place.


The music of Bharat Ane Nenu is given by Devi Sri Prasad and is decent. The songs are not much attractive, but the background score is good. However, the song “I Don’t Know” sung by Bollywood actor-director Farhan Akhtar has garnered a lot of attention from Bollywood and Tollywood audience alike. This song introduces Mahesh Babu as a college student in the latter half of the movie.

Overall, the movie is a great one time watch. After a long time, the lead actor is playing politics in the Telugu movie. With no other good movie gracing the theatres, Bharat Ane Nenu becomes the only good choice.


First Published on: 15:59 pm - 20, Apr 2018
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