The game, truth or dare, tends to be scary to many people. This game is primarily a party game where the players are forced to admit a lot of scary things or do things that are out of proportion in accordance with the rules of the game. With the right company, people can find it fulfilling to process personal fears and anxieties but with the wrong people, it can tend to be unpleasant as it is a bad form of peer pressure. This is because this particular game forces people to expose shameful facts about themselves and also get involved in heinous acts in multiple ways. This particular movie, directed by Jeff Wadlow, has been set as a horror film which is logical given the genre of the game.


The main character of the film Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare is Lucy Hale who plays Olivia who is an undergraduate student who decides to spend her holiday during spring by building break houses for habitat. Her friend Markie (played by Violet Beane) persuades her to go to Mexico for a party instead. They are later joined by the rest of their friends. Just like every other horror movie setting, this group of friends find themselves in an abandoned church and here they meet a stranger. This stranger suggests that they should play truth or dare and they all agree.

To their surprise, this game is haunted and the demon’s rule is that they should play for eternity and if they don’t they will die but then again, they would die anyway due to the dare given to them. They are forced to indulge in deadly activities such as walking around a rooftop while intoxicated or even committing murder.

This movie has many elements of a good movie review, while it lacks many.

This movie goes ahead and builds a backstory for the supernatural entity which, once the audience learns about it, tends to be hilarious. Its story ends up being based on a paranormal folklore which ends up being totally subjective which is sensible as myths are often illogical. The catch is this film is because the supernatural is part of the movie’s plot. The age limit is above thirteen years so basically; the targeted audience is teenagers.


This specific plot has raised a number of censures as a number of movie critiques feel that the game should fundamentally be all about fun but the demonic storyline has raised a concern. They feel like the film has spent a lot of unnecessary time with a set of capricious rules.

Many critiques have found the movie to be a bit aggravating as there is no specific reason why the movie would not have been casually enjoyable but the creators of the film decide to highlight the storyline over imagery. The movie’s outline is meant to be amusing but the metaphor gives a totally different result. Also, this movie explores high levels of peer pressure and humiliation to give meaning to the film’s title. It is fairly expected that this being a horror film, it would keep the audience on the edge of their seats but disappointingly enough, it turns out to be highly foreseeable. Some of the predictable scenes of the film lacked thrill, apprehension and a sense of danger.

The demonic entity was meant to scare the audience but turned out to be mediocre. The actors of the film also lack chemistry as their relationship as very close friends was barely believable as if none of them wanted to be cast in the movie. The audience’s anticipation when watching the movie is to be scared by the lethal truth or dare game but the outcome is fairly disappointing as the participants of the game are monotonous. Multiple reviews of this film have marked this film as a terribly performed horror film.

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