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First Day29.7836.54
First 3 Days/Weekend106.95105
First Week197229.16
Second Weekend7333.1
Second Week114.6148.8
Third WeekN/A15.84
Domestic Total370301
WorldWide Gross Total2001574
All Figures in crore rupees

Dangal and Sultan are very similar movies in one aspect. They are both based on the sport of wrestling and are stories of Wrestlers from Haryana. But, the major differences between the 2 films which make them both enjoyable is their plot lines, which is significantly different.

Sultan depicts how an arrogant wrestler loses everything in life due to his self-obsession. But to conquer back the love of his life and open a Blood bank in his village, Sultan jumps into a different form for fighting which is more brutal than conventional wrestling, the mixed martial arts, where he has to compete with younger and tougher fighters to make his way to the top.

Dangal Depicts the story of a father who wants a son from his wife so that he can train him into a wrestler like himself. But upon giving birth to daughters, the father decides to train the daughters and make them wrestlers and compete in world championships.

Both movies star two of the biggest box office attractions, Salman and Aamir Khan. Both Movies performed exceptionally well and broke many records. Sultan became Salman’s 2nd best-performing film, behind Bajrangi Bhaijaan. While Dangal went on to become the Highest Grossing Indian Movie of its time, beating PK.


And the Winner of this Box Office Battle is: Dangal

Result Analysis:

Dangal is the clear cut winner here. Both movies were received well but Dangal outperformed Sultan at the box office.

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