Release Details Not a Holiday Release
Not a Friday Release
Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
First Day1940.75
First 3 Days/Weekend114128
First Week166.50247
Second Weekend4679.5
Second Week69.50141
Third Week31.7567.25
Domestic Total301511
WorldWide Gross Total5651600
All Figures in crore rupees

Padmaavat and Bahubali 2 are big-budget epic movies and have introduced a new trend to the Indian Cinema. Bahubali 2 is a sequel to its former part but Padmaavat is a new film.

If we talk about the opening of the two films at the box office then there is a major difference in their way of hitting the theaters. At the time of Bahubali 2 release, the audience was curious to know the answer “Why Katappa killed Bahubali?”. Also, the spellbound performance by its first part compelled the people to reach their nearby theaters. Along with this, the merits of the film led to the super successful trending of the film. On the other hand, Padmaavat faced a lot of pointless protests and hence fell prey to an unwanted controversy due to Karni Sena. However, it managed to hit the theaters after a long struggle.

Bahubali 2 rocked on its opening days and garnered a humongous total of Rs. 247 crores in its first week. Whereas Padmaavat underwent loss of business equals to Rs. 50 crores. Despite the hurdles, the movie grossed Rs. 177 crores in its week 1. Even if we add the loss to its first week collection, still Padmavat is well short of Rs. 20 crores to surpass Bahubali 2 earnings. Hence, we can conclude that Bahubali 2 is the most successful film in the Indian film industry.

And the Winner of this Box Office Battle is: Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion

Result Analysis:

Since Bahubali 2 collection is more than Padmaavat in its first week. So it is a clear winner between the two films.

Which of the two movies is your favourite?

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