Release Details Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
First Day34.1040.75
First 3 Days/Weekend114.93128
First Week206.04247
Second Weekend46.579.5
Second Week85.51141
Third Week27.3167.25
Domestic Total339511
WorldWide Gross Total5601600
All Figures in crore rupees

We all know why Katappa Killed Bahubali! But the next question is, Will Tiger Zinda Hai beat Bahubali 2? When Bahubali 1 released at the box office, nobody knew much about the film, except the fans of Telugu movies and people who follow Andhra Cinema in general. But Part 1 was a phenomenon. It Shattered Andra Box Office Records and created a most viral buzz on Social Media ever.

Ek Tha Tiger rebranded Salman Khan as the next-gen action hero with one of the most hi-fi action movies in Bollywood. Ek Tha Tiger nearly missed the 200 crores mark. But TZH has crossed the collection of Ek Tha Tiger in just 1 week and demolished many records along the way.

Next Barrier and a very difficult one for Tiger Zinda Hai is to cross the 500 crores mark set by Bahubali 2. This is very difficult and as of now impossible. Tiger Zinda Hai is currently competing with Dangal to become the first Hindi film to cross 400 crores net. While the 400 crores mark is still possible, going past 500 is difficult. But at the box office, when Tiger is Roaring anything can happen.

And the Winner of this Box Office Battle is: Bahubali 2

Result Analysis:

Bahubali 2 is the benchmark for all Indian movies. Its Worldwide and Domestic collections are something which every movie aspires to break. But it will be a while, before any other film crosses 500 crores at the Domestic Box office.

What will be the Final Domestic Net Collection of Tiger Zinda Hai?

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