I believe I wouldn’t be wrong to say that the FRIENDS TV Show has been one of the most beloved TV series one has ever watched. Even though released in 90’s, 2 decades after, it still continues to be a fascination for the youth. It was not just a show for us, but a lifestyle. We grew up imitating the characters and repeating every sarcastic line in our real lives. So, recalling the characters once more, let’s see if FRIENDS Series was made in Bollywood, which actors would have fit their roles.


Rachel was a very hot, stylish and classy Diva. When we look at a similar description, the only actress that comes to our mind is Kareena Kapoor. She can pull off a fashion statement pretty well, along with playing a character who is a little dumb and careless. She can handle comedy pretty well. So we believe she perfectly fits the role of Green girl. What do you believe?

Who can be the best Rachel Greene


Big nerdy fellow. Failed marriages. Funny Hair. Awkward faces. Highly Adorable. This is what makes Ross “Ross”. We believe Akshay Kumar can easily pull off this character. His role as shy, lovable nerd in ‘Namaste London’ was highly loved by Indian audience. Plus making those faces as Ross does, is a cakewalk for Kumar. His chemistry with Kareena Kapoor is also something which is adored by all. What are your views?

Who can be the best Ross Geller


Control Freak and shrill voice. If anybody can match even a bit to Monica Geller, then that would be Parineeti Chopra. To some extent, she has definitely shown her OCD character in Hasee Toh Phasee. Also, she comes out as a person who is very bubbly. She can definitely essay the role of Monica and touch that high shrill voice she is famous for. Who do you think can fit the role?

Who can be the best Monica Geller


Chandler is known for his sense of humor and witty nature. And Shahrukh Khan has shown his sarcasm and wit many times in public. Then taking into account Chandler’s romance with Monica. Khan is popular for his Romance on-screen. So we believe, people may like Shahrukh Khan as their beloved Chandler Bing. Who do you think is better?

Who can be the best Chandler Bing


How You Doin’??? Joey is funny, charming and every bit cute. Think of Saif from Dil Chahta Hai and Kal Ho Na Ho. Saif has very well played the character of dumb person many times in his films. He is funny and charming. Plus, his friendship with Shahrukh Khan (Chandler Bing) has been fabulously depicted in Kal Ho Na Ho. We can totally imagine Saif imitating “How You Doin'” phrase. Whom can you imagine for Joey?

Who can be the best Joey Tribbiani


Kalki Koechlin deems best for the role of Phoebe Buffay. She is quirky, hilarious, beautiful, just like Phoebe. And, she also plays the guitar. She would also look amazing in Phoebe’s crazy outfits. Well, that is our judgment. What is yours?

Who can be the best Phoebe Buffay


Even though not the main actor, but no FRIENDS list would be complete without Gunther in it. We believe Sanjay Mishra would do proper justice to the role of Gunther. Having similar hairstyle and tone, he can definitely pull off the character.



Well, FRIENDS series have given us numerous amazing supporting actors as well. It wouldn’t be justice on their part if they are not counted in the FRIENDS lists. Jack and Judy Geller play one such important role of the Geller parents. We believe our beloved Sarabhais, Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak, can easily pull off their characters. One can easily imagine Ratna Pathak as Judy Geller, who is sarcastic towards Monica and loving towards Ross. Her character in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai will give enough proof for the same.


Ohh Myyy Godddd!!!! Well, whom can you imagine shouting the same from Bollywood industry? That shrill voice, that weird laugh. This is a tough option. But what we believe is, Sonam Kapoor can be best suited for the role of Janice. She can definitely match the shrill annoying voice level. Don’t you think so?

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