The latest Telegu blockbuster “Oopiri”, starring Nagarjuna, is buzzing in the air of Andhra Pradesh and beyond. But there is already news coming that a Hindi remake of the movie may happen and it is rumored that Karan Johar has bought the remake copyrights.

It is interesting that “Oopiri” is already a remake of Golden Globe Nominee French comedy-drama film “The Intouchables”. The film shows a noble quadriplegic millionaire hires a young guy from the interview to be his caretaker and then the two build up a great friendship.

“Oopiri” also has its Tamil version “Thozha”, and both the film have charmed the audience. Nagarjuna said, “We wanted the film to be seen as a celebration of life.” Nag said that his wife inspired him to make the remake of “The Intouchables”, and he believes that the film should pass to the Hindi audiences.

Nagarjuna expressed his joy on Karan Johar buying the rights of Hindi remake and hopes it would be a great one, and the audience will take from the movie to home.

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