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38 3.8 10
Total Votes: 23
Release Date
21 March, 2003
8 crores
Box Office India
3 crores
Box Office Worldwide
6 crores
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Tina, along with her friends, visit Bangkok to attend a wedding. There she comes to know that somebody has killed her uncle. Furthermore, he had stolen a Rs. 10 crore gold heist from RBI in India, as a result of which her uncle’s 3 accomplices are now following and harassing her. Seems like the trio are not the only ones who believe money is with Tina. She looks to her boyfriend for help, but probably he is not the one who he claims to be. Where the gold really is? Will Tina be able to save herself from all the people?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.41 crores
Saturday 0.4 crores
Sunday 0.37 crores
First Weekend 1.18 crores
First Week 1.93 crores
Second Week 0.72 crores
Third Week 0.27 crores
Lifetime India (net) 3 crores
Worldwide Gross 6 crores
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