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56 5.6 10
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Release Date
19 November, 1999
14 crores
Box Office India
11 crores
Box Office Worldwide
22 crores
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The 2 brothers, Ranvir and Rajvir, along with their parents move to Mumbai from their village. To earn the living, they had to go through many hardships. Now, Ranvir is a very wealthy businessman. On the other hand, his younger brother Rajvir is reckless and carefree. Unknown to them, both the brothers fall in love with the same girl, Shalini. Rajvir confesses his love to Ranvir and soon marriage bells start ringing. But later, Ranvir finds out that he has arranged Rajvir’s marriage to the same girl whom he loves. Now it is upon Rajvir to decide whom he wants to choose? The brother who cared for him all his life, or his lady love?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.90 crores
Saturday 0.78 crores
Sunday 0.96 crores
First Weekend 2.65 crores
Monday 0.65 crores
Tuesday 0.55 crores
First Week 4.78 crores
Second Week 2.56 crores
Third Week 1.26 crores
Lifetime India (net) 11 crores
Worldwide Gross 22 crores
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