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77 7.7 10
Total Votes: 36
Release Date
16 January, 2004
4 crores
Box Office India
5 crores
Box Office Worldwide
7 crores
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Sarika falls for a mysterious businessman named Karan, who is also attracted towards her. They both fall in love. But this is when their happy fairytale life comes to an end. Her life turns sour when she is framed for Karan’s underworld crimes and is imprisoned. With the help of some of her inmates, she escapes prison with a very dangerous agenda in her mind. She is no more a mannered simple woman. She has turned vengeful and will go to any extent to avenge those who had conspired to send her to prison.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.62 crores
Saturday 0.55 crores
Sunday 0.61 crores
First Weekend 1.78 crores
First Week 2.73 crores
Second Week 0.88 crores
Third Week 0.49 crores
Lifetime India (net) 5 crores
Worldwide Gross 7 crores
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