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Release Date
18 May, 2001
15 crores
Box Office India
18 crores
Box Office Worldwide
37 crores
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Ajay is the only son amongst four children of Vijay, a successful businessman. Ajay graduates from foreign university and returns to India to start his own business. His father wants him to join their family business. Because of this, an ideology dispute sprouts between them. Rajesh Purohit enters their family and wants to impoverish them. Vijay is impressed with Rajesh and fixes his daughter's marriage with him. Ajay seeks financial assistance from his dad to start his business but Vijay denies to help him. Ajay takes a loan for his business and after knowing this, Vijay throws him out of the house. Rajesh, in a deceitful manner, makes Vijay sign power of attorney and hence, Vijay becomes bankrupt. When Ajay comes to know about the plot of Rajesh, he decides to take back his family's fortune and reunite their family.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.31 crores
Saturday 1.13 crores
Sunday 1.39 crores
First Weekend 3.84 crores
Monday 1.10 crores
Tuesday 1.02 crores
First Week 7.12 crores
Second Week 3.63 crores
Third Week 2.40 crores
Lifetime India (net) 18 crores
Worldwide Gross 37 crores
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