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56 5.6 10
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Release Date
20 August, 2004
10 crores
Box Office India
10 crores
Box Office Worldwide
17 crores
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Jai falls in love with a beautiful girl, Neha. His love is one sided as Neha does not feel the same for him. Eventually, after many futile efforts, he manages to make her fall for him. He comes to know that, Neha is a criminal's daughter and her father owes 60 million to the underworld don. To help Neha, he decides to rob a bank and hack bank accounts with the help of a computer hacker, Vikram. The hacked bank accounts belong to underworld don Babu Anna. Both police and underworld don Babu Anna start chasing Jai.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.60 crores
First Weekend 4.52 crores
First Week 6.80 crores
Second Week 1.89 crores
Third Week 0.63 crores
Lifetime India (net) 10 crores
Worldwide Gross 17 crores
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