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Release Date
25 June, 1999
9 crores
Box Office India
15 crores
Box Office Worldwide
27 crores
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Seth Amirchand is an unfortunate father of 2 good for nothing sons, Sonu and Monu. They roam around extracting money from their father by hook or by crook, by threats or by blackmails. To solve this problem, Amirchand decides to separate the brothers. He sends Sonu to Goa and Monu to look after the work in Mumbai. Sonu meets the Verma family there, consisting of Gulzarilal, his unmarried sister, and 2 daughters Pooja and Ritu. He challenges them that he will marry Pooja at any cost and they cannot do anything to stop it. To go ahead with the plan, he calls Monu to come and act as his paternal uncle. But eventually, Monu falls in love with Ritu. On the other hand, a Don, Bhai, demands money from Amirchand. Thinking it to be an another prank of his sons, he ridicules and humiliates the Don. But things turn bad when Don decides to avenge his humiliation.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.86 crores
Saturday 0.74 crores
Sunday 0.91 crores
First Weekend 2.52 crores
Monday 0.65 crores
Tuesday 0.59 crores
First Week 4.75 crores
Second Week 3.37 crores
Third Week 2.17 crores
Lifetime India (net) 15 crores
Worldwide Gross 27 crores
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