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50 5 10
Total Votes: 44
Release Date
10 September, 1999
9 crores
Box Office India
11 crores
Box Office Worldwide
21 crores
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Hero is a happy go lucky delivery man. One day while delivering the parcel, he realizes that the packet contains drugs. Fearing the police, he informs his employer Khanna, unaware of the fact that Khanna supplies drugs throughout the city. Meanwhile, a police inspector Vishal, starts following Hero, while suspecting him to be involved in the racket. When Khanna realizes that Hero is aware of his business, he is shot dead. On the other hand, Vishal while following him, stumbles upon Khanna’s business. He then shoots Vishal as well. When he regains consciousness, he realizes that his heart was severely injured and that doctors had to do a heart transplant from a dead body, which belonged to none other than Hero. And now Vishal starts seeing Hero everywhere, who promises to stop troubling him once he helps him get his revenge. Will Vishal help him avenge his death?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.04 crores
Saturday 0.94 crores
Sunday 1.14 crores
First Weekend 3.12 crores
Monday 0.65 crores
Tuesday 0.59 crores
First Week 5.29 crores
Second Week 2.56 crores
Third Week 1.24 crores
Lifetime India (net) 11 crores
Worldwide Gross 21 crores
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