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Release Date
24 May, 2002
12 crores
Box Office India
14 crores
Box Office Worldwide
35 crores
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Gopal is a successful business tycoon, immensely in love with his wife Radha. Radha has a brother, Prashant, who is jobless and hence a major concern for her. Caught between her love for husband and her brother, she finds solace in her childhood friend, Suraj. Suraj is a famous singer, but always manager time for Radha as he respects her a lot since they were kids. As Radha spends more time with Suraj, confiding in him with her problems, Gopal gets suspicious of her loyalty. Misunderstanding the whole situation, he throws her out of his house. Suraj is shattered knowing that unwillingly, he has become the reason of disruption in his friend’s life. He sets out on a mission to resolve the matter and make Gopal realize Radha’s love.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.42 crores
Saturday 1.34 crores
Sunday 1.38 crores
First Weekend 4.14 crores
First Week 6.84 crores
Second Week 2.91 crores
Third Week 1.28 crores
Lifetime India (net) 14 crores
Worldwide Gross 35 crores
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