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Total Votes: 20
Release Date 17 May, 1996
Starring, ,
Budget ₹5 crores
Box Office India ₹10 crores
Box Office Worldwide ₹18 crores
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Karan, a weapon expert, is hired by Suryadev Singh to protect his daughter, Kajal. Kajal is unaware of Karan’s secret agenda and falls in love with him. Will Karan reciprocate to her feelings? What will her father after knowing about their love?

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Day-wise Box Office Collections

First Day₹0.70 crores
Saturday₹0.58 crores
Sunday₹0.72 crores
First Weekend₹2.01 crores
Monday₹0.45 crores
Tuesday₹0.37 crores
First Week₹3.42 crores
Second Week₹1.75 crores
Third Week₹1.07 crores
Lifetime India (net)₹10 crores
Worldwide Gross₹18 crores
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Inflation Adjusted Earning

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True Adj Domestic Net ₹102 (
) crores
True Adj Worldwide Gross ₹183.6 (
) crores

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