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74 7.4 10
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Release Date
30 September, 2005
2 crores
Box Office India
1 crores
Box Office Worldwide
1 crores
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Uttam Chaudhary is a widower and a lecturer. When he starts getting old and becomes forgetful, he is asked to retire. One day, he suddenly wakes up from sleep and announces that he is going to work and ask for his wife to bring him food. In an another instance, when a boy’s parents come to see him and his daughter, he suddenly claims that he has killed M.K. Gandhi. Now it is upon his daughter to find out what is the truth and also save her budding relationship from breaking.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.09 crores
Saturday 0.1 crores
Sunday 0.11 crores
First Weekend 0.3 crores
First Week 0.45 crores
Second Week 0.18 crores
Third Week 0.04 crores
Lifetime India (net) 1 crores
Worldwide Gross 1 crores
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