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60 6 10
Total Votes: 28
Release Date
15 July, 2005
15 crores
Box Office India
26 crores
Box Office Worldwide
48 crores
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Samir is a flirt doctor who falls for every other woman but is never ready to commit. Every time he makes an excuse of being married whenever things start turning serious. Then enters Sonia, a London based model, who has suicidal tendencies and comes to Samir for treatment. She instantly falls in love with Samir and Samir too reciprocates her feelings. Soon follows Pyaare, a budding actor who falls in love with Sonia. Amidst this chaos, Samir’s marriage status comes into light. Sonia asks him to get a divorce. So here, Samir first needs to arrange for a fake wife and then take a divorce. Now enters Naina, a nurse who agrees to act as his fake wife. BUT, Naina also starts having feelings for Samir. With all the confusion around, which love story will bloom?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 2.4 crores
Saturday 2.25 crores
Sunday 2.3 crores
First Weekend 6.95 crores
First Week 11.56 crores
Second Week 5.95 crores
Third Week 3.58 crores
Lifetime India (net) 26 crores
Worldwide Gross 48 crores
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